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IRIE BABIE, a family-owned Eco-friendly baby & mommy essentials store, was born of a desire to share our love and passion for tranquil and joyful living amid a fast-paced hurried world. Shop for baby and toddler clothing, Baby Wrap Carriers, Diaper Bags, Bandana Bibs, Nursing Covers, Nursing Pads and so much more at Iriebabie.com. We offer a great variety of carefully handpicked safe reusable and Eco-friendly products for both you and your little ones. The idea for IRIE BABIE started in 2016 from a first-time mom’s desire to make shopping simpler while doing her part to preserve the environment for future generations. IRIE BABIE founders Thorsten and Fiona aimed to provide parents with Eco-friendly, reusable products. Reusable products are a great way to safely package home made food & drink, reduce waste and save money otherwise spent on disposable items. We are passionate about spreading awareness of reducing single-use plastic and other pollutants that wreak havoc to our mother nature.


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Welcoming a new baby home is a wonderful experience. Choose from a fantastic range of innovative Eco-friendly products that make it easy to ‘reuse and reduce’. Such as lunch boxes, Bento boxes, drink bottles, reusable shopping bags, takeaway coffee cups, baby food pouches, sandwich bags, food wraps, drinking straws, ice block molds, bowl covers, recycled toys, reusable cloth diapers, reusable menstrual care products and much more. And take comfort knowing all the products we sell meet our strict selection criteria to ensure they are long-lasting, safe, non-toxic, and Eco-friendly. Say goodbye to unnecessary disposable plastic and paper bags and hello to beautiful, Eco-friendly, reusable products instead! Do it for the next generation.


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IRIE BABIE is also a passionate purveyor of eclectic décor that is more than just cozy, casual and comfortable – it’s also exquisite, unique and chic. From our colorful wall art to our rustic signs and decorative fairy gardens, our thoughtful, pieces can be mixed and matched to complement any aesthetic, from vintage and bohemian to minimalist, coastal, contemporary and more. We are excited to bring you a unique boutique-style filled with vintage, handmade, unique finds, lovely gifts, Eco-friendly products & a lot more.




What We Believe In 

We believe there are some really simple things both you and I can do every day to live more sustainable. We challenge ourselves and those around us to discover new and innovative ways to reduce, reuse and recycle things. Our mission is to offer affordable, safe, and practical solutions to families seeking cost-effective Eco-friendly products.



Additionally, to make you feel comfortable with your purchases, we offer real-time tracking on 90% of the products sold. You can know what is happening with your purchase, when it has shipped and when it will arrive: Track Your Order There are a few select products due to the way these are sourced, real-time tracking is physically impossible, but you can mail our support desk at our email to inquire anytime.

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