The Boho fashion trend is inspired by styles that were popular in the '50s, the '60s, and '70s. The clothing style is usually thought to be a "hippie" or "flower child" style and is often associated with hipsters. Boho fashion is also often called gypsy clothing.  Boho clothing has trickled down into other subcultures such as goth. 

Some of the key elements of Boho hippie clothes are lace, flowing fabrics, elegant cuts, bold colors, pastels, and eccentric prints. Loose clothing such as skirts and dresses are popular styles for women, and the less restrictive, the better. Bohemian style is all about feeling free and light. This is why loose, light and airy fabrics are used in the construction of shirts, skirts, and dresses. Draping, layering, and wearing oversized clothing is also key to perfecting the boho style for women.


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