Reasons To Travel While They're Toddlers

Reasons To Travel While They're Toddlers

Travel will always be one of the best ways to reward ourselves. Whether you want to see new places or want to enjoy a much-deserved break. Having a baby or a young child should not hinder you from taking a trip.

Travel will always be one of the best ways to reward ourselves. Whether you want to see new places or want to enjoy a much-deserved break. Having a baby or a young child should not hinder you from taking a trip.

Researchers have stated that traveling is beneficial to the well-being of both you and your child. Rather than splurge them with the latest gadgets, indulge your children with experience. You don't have to wait for the perfect age to travel. As soon as your baby is safe to travel, feel free to take them to new places.

It's cheaper

Every family aims to travel together and you should do it now while they are little. Why? It is more affordable than it seems you are not paying for an extra person. Free plane rides (2 and below), free hotel meals, and no need to pay extra when staying in hotels. Attractions offer free entrance of course. So, what are you waiting for?


You have the luxury of time

Time is a challenge for those who want to explore and see the world. While parents look for vacation times from work to travel, older kids go to school. Therefore, you don't have the flexibility to travel compared to younger kids who are still in daycare.


It's easier to plan

Where to eat? Where to go? These are just one of the things you have to plan on family trips. But if you have a young child, you don't have to follow their own preference, because they basically follow where we go. You may go to kid-friendly destinations like beaches. Older kids have specific wants that you as an adult find uninteresting. 

The same goes when choosing where to eat. You only have to make sure a restaurant has plenty of space for your stroller and perhaps non-smoking, but in terms of menu, you as adults can pick what you want to eat.

Guaranteed fun

The horror of babies and toddlers acting up during airplanes, or toddlers throwing tantrums because they missed their nap. Compare it to older kids' tantrums from "Are we there yet?" to being glued to their gadgets all throughout the trip. 

When they are young, they are always ready for an adventure and they follow where Mommy and Daddy go. Babies and young children also spend most of the day sleeping, bring your trusted carrier and you can enjoy the city's attractions without any hassle.

You're raising future travelers

Let's face it, traveling with young children may demand some skills but rest assured, the more you travel with them, the easier it will get. You know what to bring and anticipate things. In the long run, travels are stress-free and your kids as they grow older will become the best travel buddies because they are accustomed to traveling. When they grow older, you don't have to worry when they go on solo travel on the other side of the world.

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You will know more about your child's personality

Frequent family travelers will tell you how much they know their children at a very young age from their trips. A vacation will let you relax and focus on what your child really likes and at a young age, it is easy to observe their budding personality as you build sandcastles or enjoying a boat ride.

It will help build their character

We all want to raise our children to become responsible and independent adults. Travel lets you get out of your routine and comfort zone. Your child may experience the most comfortable life back home, but when you travel, even when on a luxury tour, unexpected things can occur. As a young traveler, your child knows how to deal with it and embrace any inconvenience during your trip, which he/she can apply in your daily lives in the future. 

It will help them grow open-minded to different cultures

If you can afford an international trip, travel will open your child's eyes to the world. Starting them young shapes their mindset to become culturally sensitive and respectful. Even within your own country, their are cultures and traditions that may differ and sometimes conflict your ideologies and religion, but as you expose them at an early age, your children will have an open mind to accept and respect conflicting views and practices. 

You will give them education without borders

    No amount of books or lectures can replace the learnings your child will get when you visit historic sites and museums. Or learn another culture or simple foreign languages when you take trips. How about learning new crafts? Or building their interpersonal skills?

    There are knowledge and skills your kids will develop as you take trips as a family. Do not wait for them to be school children to take them to these places - start them young and this will become their norm.

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    You will be building lifelong memories 

      Yes, some of them might not remember your hikes or your first international trips, but you know what? Making memories as a family is not about if your kids remember them, it's actually making such memories as a family. From photos to souvenirs displaced in your homes, it will become a part of their lives.