❌Discuss the risks of sexual abuse with your child❌

❌Discuss the risks of sexual abuse with your child❌
It is not easy to talk about sexual abuse with a young child, yet it is important to do so in order to protect him, without however giving him the impression that everyone is dangerous. Likewise, a child who has been informed about the risks of sexual abuse could confide more easily if he were the victim.

To prevent sexual abuse, it is important to discuss this risk with your child. Give it clear information and, once it's done, don't talk about it all the time. If you dramatize too much, it could encourage your child to shut up if he was in difficulty to avoid upsetting you. He might also develop such a fear that he no longer trusts anyone.

Be aware, however, that most sexual abuse is committed by people the children know. Even if you warn your little one, the responsibility for preventing sexual abuse is yours first.

If you were the victim of sexual abuse yourself as a child, you may be uncomfortable talking about the risk of abuse with your child or you may be panicked that it might arrive. In this case, do not hesitate to consult a professional specialized in sexual abuse, such as a sexologist or a psychologist.

You can also contact the center for assistance and fight against sexual assault (CALACS) in your region. Consult the CALACS grouping site for the telephone number of the center closest to you.

❌Discuss the risks of sexual abuse with your child❌

Here are some questions to help you start a discussion about the risks of sexual abuse.
What would you do if ...
you lost us in a crowd?
the neighbor came to pick you up from daycare without mom or dad telling you?
the person looking after you said: "You can go to bed later if you let me see you naked ..."?
did someone you know offer to take you to the park without our permission?
someone you love wanted to have a secret with you and asked you not to tell me?
Did your swimming instructor often touch your sex while teaching you how to swim?
a "sympathetic" adult asked you, on the street, to help him find his cat?
an older child asked you to touch it?
an adult wanted to take pictures of you naked?
an adult wanted to show you pictures of naked people?
💌Source: Don't let it happen! Sexual abuse explained to children, Jocelyne Robert, Montreal, Les Éditions de l'Homme, 2005, 112 pages.